Top 10 wedding bouquet arrangements for inspiration

Written By: Mary Davenport

Choosing flowers for a wedding bouquet is a subjective task, and the wedding dress is an important factor. Wedding bouquets can be as unique and distinctive as the bride herself. The season will also affect the bride’s choices, from the type of flower to the shades and hues. Some brides may still choose the traditional white blossom while others will choose their favorite flowers and colors. The decor of the entire wedding may revolve around the choice of flowers that the bride carries or the bride may choose flowers to match the decor.

If the wedding is in the heat of summer, high temperatures may wilt the bouquet. In this case, the bride may choose silk flowers. Silk flowers are sometimes just as expensive as or more expensive than real ones. If the bride wants to keep the bouquet as a keepsake, silk flowers may be the best choice.  Also, if someone in the wedding party has allergies, silk flowers are a good option. Some brides may consider a mixture of both. Brides can consult local florists and craft stores to find out what flowers to use. Flowers are not only a thing of beauty; they offer the nose a treat as well. One choice is to put real fragrant flowers among the silk. If you decide to use a florist for your flowers, you should collect all the elements you desire in your bouquet to share with him or her. The wedding dress, your favorite color and bloom, and other factors should be on the table to help the florist
 bring your dream to reality.

The style, shape and details of the wedding dress help in choosing the shape and size of the wedding bouquet. Bouquets can be formal, casual, or semi-formal, and the size of the bouquet depends on both the size of the bride and the size of the dress. Long-stemmed formal bouquets go with fuller gowns and taller women. Shorter women and slimmer fitting and shorter dresses should have smaller, more casual bouquets.  Try to choose flowers that are in season based on how they will look with the wedding dress. Swatches of materials from the wedding and bridesmaids dresses can be useful in choosing flowers. They can also be used to wrap around the stems of the bouquets.

Personal touches for the bouquet

Your bouquet can be personalized with flowers, jewelry, or a piece of cloth that has special meaning, such as a piece of you mother’s wedding dress, a valued handkerchief given to you by a grandmother, or anything of special significance to you. The types of flowers may also have special meanings that will help the day be more memorable. Roses are the flower of love, which may be why they are the most popular flowers for weddings. Ivy adds fidelity whereas yellow irises incorporate passion. When you look through pictures of your bouquet and remember your wedding day, you may feel all the same feelings again.

Every bouquet is as special as the woman who carries it down the aisle. To inspire the right bouquet, here are the top 10 arrangements, all of which are beautiful:

This fresh garden bouquet of roses, orchids, ranunculus and scabiosa is bright and beautiful.

It is hard to beat this pink and peach bouquet.

Paradise roses and velvety chocolate cosmos with chocolate bows pinned to the handle. The darker colors denote a fall bouquet.

The beauty of roses and lilies offer a simple yet elegant bouquet.

Pink peonies and roses are romantic.

This beautiful bouquet of lamb’s ear, succulent, and hydrangea tells you love is in full blossom.

This bouquet of red, pink and orange ranunculus has a tiny golden bee and the bride’s “something blue” hankie.

Spring is certainly in the air with this bouquet of pastel pink and orange blooms.

This bouquet of aubergine dahlias with white-tipped petals and fresh chartreuse acorns is winter with a touch of spring.

This bouquet of clematis, anemone, curiosa, and blue bells is a beautiful combination.






Top ten hottest trends in wedding centerpieces

Written By: Elisha Neubauer

A couple’s wedding should be a window into their life together. It should show off their flair for style, personal tastes and, most of all, their individual personalities. What better place to start than with the centerpieces? In the last several years, there have been some new trends popping up in wedding centerpieces. This article provides the top ten hottest styles in reception tables.

Anemones are the new “IT” flower in weddings. They are unique, beautiful, and scentless. They come in a range of jewel tones such as white, pink, blue or red. They can be used in a more modern setting or as vintage-inspired décor. Their season ranges from November to April, so if a couple is opting for a summer wedding, they may have to substitute something similar, such as gerbera daisies.

Gone are the days when everything needed to look exactly alike and symmetrical. Style-savvy couples are now opting for a less unified look, switching things up between tall and short arrangements, or even using multiple color pallets on the tables. Using assorted arrangements will not only add a hint of distinctive flair, but will cut down costs on ordering several identical pieces.

A fresh take on the classics:
Skip the classic red roses and opt for mokara orchids or carnations instead. Not only will it save a couple money on their floral budget, but it will give a twist to a classic.

Color, color, color:
Don’t be shy with color. Jewel tones in hot pallets are all the rage. These can range from magenta to peacock blue to royal purple to tangerine. Using a layer effect with two or more jewel tones gives an eye-popping effect that will capture everyone’s attention.

A lot of brides are now skipping the compact, neatly arranged centerpieces and choosing a more natural look for their tables. Instead of precisely cut roses, loosely arranged wildflowers are being used.

Through the looking glass:
A lot of designers are now running with clear containers. The lack of color in the container of the centerpiece allows for a bold color statement inside. It gives depth and allows for layering in the centerpiece for that special “wow” factor.

Contain this:
Containers have been getting attention from couples recently. Using brightly colored floral arrangements with containers wrapped in eye-catching fabrics gives a certain pop to the table.

Light it up:
Forget floating candles and use lamps instead. A couple can customize the lampshades to match their wedding theme, and the added light can help with a dimly lit venue.

Tree hugger:
Using small baby spruces or other tree-like potted plants will add the finishing touches to a garden or outdoor themed wedding and can be used as wedding favors at the end of the reception.

Layer it:
Use the napkins and place cards to add layers of color to the table. Using individual, brightly colored bud vases or single floral treatments on top of each napkin dresses up a table in an extremely cost-effective manner.


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